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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 8, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> sandra: you love that bear. bear is trending on twitter. >> bill: the bear deserves to be trending. >> sandra: #hungrybear. that's it for us. hump day. "outnumbered" starts now. >> bill: bye. >> melissa: fox news alert. we are awaiting a news conference by federal prosecutors in new york city set to start at any minute. they will discuss the indict ment of chris collins on insider trader charges. he has represented the suburb of rochester and buffalo. he was one of president trump's earlier backers in congress. he is denying any wrongdoing. his attorneys issuing a state ment saying they will defend the charges in court and they expect him to be exonerated. brian has more from the newsroom. >> chris collins surrendered
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to the f.b.i. around 7:00 this morning and he is been charged with the federal insider trading related to an australian biotechnology company called innate immuno therapeutics incorporated. his son and the father of the fiancée also face insider trading charges. the company was developing a drug to treat multiple sclerosis and they are saying collins knew it failed the trial five days before it became public and they know it because he received e-mail on a congressional picnic at the white house telling him that. collins shared the information with his son and others. who traded the company stock with the insider information. once news of the drug trial failure became public and the company stock plummeted 92%.
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the prosecutors say the information collins provided saved 8 men over $768,000 in a lawsuit. in a statement collins' lawyer says it's notable that even the government does not allege that he traded a share of the stock. we are confident he will be exonerated. also a statement here by paul ryan. while his guilt and innocence is a question for the court to settle the allegations demand a prompt and thorough investigation by house ethics committee. insider trading is violation of the public trust. until the matter is settled, representative colins will not serve on the house eenergy and commerce committee. they are saying it's true he lost millions in stock but the only reason he didn't make trades himself because it was
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held up in the australian stock market. technically, he just could not. he was also under investigation by the ethics committee at the time for the similar accusations. mr. collins is considered the 13th wealthiest member of congress worth $44 million according to the roll call. he is expected to be in federal court at 2:30. >> melissa: so i want to clarify. that is a really interesting detail. he learned that the drug failed the trial through e-mail from the c.e.o. not as a result of to his government job. and he heard it from someone where the testing was going on, the food and drug administration or whatever. is that right? >> yes. according to the indictment he learned about this at the congressional picnic from the c.e.o. of the company who says we have terrible news. the drug has failed. it was within minutes of that, that they have a willing of phone calls in which the representative collins we gone
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to call his son six times trying to alert his son according to the indictment that the drug failed. and the next morning the prosecutors say his son began to move and trade on that information. it wasn't until five days later that this news became public and the stock plummeted 92%. >> melissa: all right, brian. thank you so much. as we said before, if you look at the screen, we are waiting for the news conference to begin any second. and in the meantime, let's talk a little bit about what we just heard. josh, i assume he found out through his government job. it's interesting that this looks like plain vanilla insider trading. i think it will start in about two minutes here if you stick with us in the office. if you stick with us on the couch. as we watch there. the podium. josh holmes is with us. josh, this sounds like classic insider trading where a board
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member finds out and lets other people know so they could trade on the information. they will have to prove he called the son six times. what transpired in the conversation. i wonder if it's enough just if the son traded on it next day. >> josh: it doesn't sound like a nexus to the congressional job as you pointed out but it doesn't make it any better. >> melissa: no, no. it doesn't make it -- no, just an interesting fact. normally you would make the point or i would make the point, nobody in congress should be on the board of any public company because the temptation is too, you know, to influence or to share what you know, the temptation is too great. but apparently that had nothing to do with this. >> josh: you are absolutely right. i work for a number of different senators. i always provided guidance on this to just go beyond reproach. >> melissa: just don't do it. >> josh: you will end up losing money but that is okay. you decided to serve your country in capacity of a congressman and it's far better to elimination all potential problems by
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divesting of yourself in all of these areas and get clean, clean up on your own finances. so this is obviously a real problem for the house republicans. >> harris: if people are just tuning in and wonder what is on the left of the screen. representative chris collins of new york is expected to make a statement. you see people filing in the venue where they will be hearing from him. federal prosecutors about representative chris collins. the charges against him. >> good afternoon. >> harris: let's watch. >> i'm the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. today, we announce criminal charges against christopher collins, a united states congressman. he is charged with insider trading and lying to the f.b.i. as alleged in the indictment, congressman collins cheated our markets and our justice system in two ways. first, he tipped his son to
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confidential corporate information at the expense of regular investors. and then he lied about it to law enforcement to cover it up. also charged is his son. cameron collins. and stephen zarsky, the father of cameron's fiancée. these charges are a reminder that this is a nation of laws. and that everybody stands equal before the bar of justice. now i'd like to go into the details of the allegations a little more. in addition to serving in the house of representatives, congressman collins was also on the board of directors of innate immunotherapeutics, a publicly traded company that was developing a drug for
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multiple cler -- multiple sclerosis. in june of 2017, congressman collins was told confidential and highly sensitive information about innate. information that was not yet made public. namely, that innate's main drug, the drug innate was developing to be the backbone of its company, was a total failure. this was devastating information for the company. congressman collins had an obligation, a legal duty, to keep that information secret until that information was released by the company to the public. but he didn't keep it secret. instead, as alleged, he decided to commit a crime. he placed his family and friends above the public good. congressman collins was a major investor in innate.
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and so was his son cameron. the congressman knew he couldn't sell his own shares for personal and technical reasons including that he was already under an investigation regarding innate by the congressional ethics office. the crime that he committed was to tip his son cameron so that cameron and a few select others could trade on news while the investing public remained in the dark. as the indictment alleges, that is exactly what they did. his son cameron sold. cameron's fiancée sold. the father of the fiancée zarsky sold. mr. zarsky's wife sold. other friends and relatives sold. and all because congressman collins violated his duty to
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keep innate's information secret. and when the news of the drug's failure became public, the stock plummeted. in total, the conspirators used that inside information to avoid $765 million in losses. but congressman collins couldn't keep his crime a secret forever. the f.b.i. asked to interview him. and instead of telling the truth, he lied. so did cameron collins. and so did stephen zarsky. by lying to the f.b.i., they compounded their insider trading crime with the crime of criminal cover-up. now i'd like to go over to the two charts which summarize some of the allegations in the indictment.
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the first chart is a tipping chain. it demonstrates the flow of the illegal insider information. and the trading. the illegal trading on that information. that is the top of the chain is congressman collins. he had an obligation as innate board member when he received confidential corporate information to keep that information secret until the company announced it to the public. in total disregard of that obligation, minutes after congressman collins received the devastating, highly confidential news, that innate's drug had failed its drug trial, congressman collins tipped that inside information to his son so that his son could trade. cameron collins, when he
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received that illegal inside information. he did two things. both of which are illegal. he sold stock based on that inside information. and avoided $570,000 in losses. and he also took that illegal inside information and tipped others. he tipped his fiancée. he tipped his fiancée's wife, he tipped his fiancée's father and a friend. all of that traded on that illegal inside information. stephen zarsky, his fiancée's father avoided $143,000 in losses by trading on that information and he tipped others. he tipped his brother. he tipped his sister. and he tipped a friend. two of whom traded on the information.
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one attempted to trade on the information but was unable. in total the conspirators avoided losses of over $768,000. all because of the initial illegal insider trading tip by congressman collins. in this chart, we set some of the key allegations in the indictment against a time line, a backdrop of the innate share price. on the evening of june 22, 2017, congressman collins was at a congressional picnic. and at 6:55 he received an e-mail from the c.e.o. of innate informing him of the horrendous news that the drug had failed the trial. 7:10 p.m., congressman collins
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responded to that e-mail. so as the indictment alleges, at least at 7:10 p.m., congressman collins was aware of the inside information. a minute later, congressman collins attempts to call his son. in the period of five minutes, there are six unsuccessful calls. if on -- on the seventh call as alleged in the indictment, congressman collins illegally tip his son cameron about the drug trial results so that his son cameron could trade on those results. later that evening on june 22 after cameron collins has the illegal insider trading information, cameron collins
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drives with his fiancée to his fiancée's parents house. they arrive at the house at 9:17 p.m. less than 20 minutes later at 9:34 p.m., his fiancée's mother is on the phone with her broker beginning the process of selling her shares of innate. the next morning on june 23, 7:42 a.m., cameron collins begins the process of selling his shares of innate. june 23 through june 26, cameron collins shares 1.39 million shares of innate. prior to the market close of june 26. after the market closes,
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innate announces to the public that its drug had failed the trial. and the next day, the drug price, the price of innate falls off a cliff. it drops 92% in value in a single day. this was the drop that was anticipated by the coconspirators, this was the drop in value that the coconspirators avoided to sell the shares before the public announcement. they could only sell the shares by virtue of the initial tip of inside information by congressman collins. case and this type of significance obviously involves the s.e.c. and the f.b.i. and their representatives are standing up here with me today. to my left, my good friend
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bill sweeney, the assistant director in charge of the f.b.i.'s new york field office. and to the far left is john brosnin, the special agent in charge of the f.b.i. new york office criminal division. the f.b.i.'s work on this case was spectacular. and i want to thank fem -- thank them for the professionalism and the dedication. we work with the f.b.i. on so many important cases and it's always a privilege. to the left of bill is stephanie avachian and steve peekin, the codirectors of the s.e.c.'s division of enforcement. i want to thank them and the s.e.c. for their hard work on this matter. last i want to acknowledge and thank the career prosecutors in my office handling the case. to my right is max nicholas,
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damian williams, bob allen, scott harman and the cochiefs of our securities and commodities fraud task force. tim casoulas and jason cowley. congressman collins, who by virtue of his office, helps to write the laws of our nation, acted as if the law didn't apply to him. the charges today demonstrate once again that no matter what the crime and no matter who committed it, we stand committed in the pursuit of justice. without fear or favor. i would like to invite to the podium bill sweeney. >> melissa: that was the u.s. attorney from the southern district of new york and he was explaining the case
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against congressman chris collins, republican from new york, who has now been charged with insider trading. both tipping and then also lying to the f.b.i. was on the board of a company called innate, who had a single drug, m.s. drug. he found out as a board member through an e-mail from the c.e.o. it had failed drug trial. it's then alleged that he tipped off his son. and the chain of evidence vents went on from there. josh, they showed how he will lay out the case. he tried with chain of events and what happened afterwards to make it that a jury would conclude it had to be that he told the son what had happened there. and that then the tipping went on from there and he went on to lie to the f.b.i. with the martha stewart is a case everybody is familiar with, most people was familiar with. she was in the end found guilty of lying to f.b.i. they couldn't prove what was on the phone call. the essential thing here is the seat in new york city.
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so as a politician we heard jason chaffetz say in the last hour he should step down immediately guilty or innocent so that there is time to do what? tell me what would happen. >> josh: this has not been a seat that the democrats targeted. the scene as sort of a safe seat -- this is seen as sort of a safe seat. he is not in danger up to this point. so i think the question here is whether or not he stays or whether he goes. he is afforded the presumption of innocence but the court of public opinion is going all the time. we are getting close to midterm elections here. >> melissa: republicans might want him to bow out to get someone else in there who could run against the democrat rather than leave him in place and have him -- >> josh: it will be a process that new york republicans will be able to replace him on the ballot. question is whether he has ballot access at this point and if you get ballots printed. it's complicated. >> melissa: up next we talk about the dead heat races in ohio and kansas. what they say about the midterms and the president's influence.
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>> harris: fox news alert. the battleground state of ohio at the center stage now ahead of the midterm elections. it's the 90-day point today, by the way, people. this is it. this is the lead-up. last night's special congressional election remains
9:25 am
too close to call in ohio. republican troy balderson backed by president trump is leading democrat danny o'connor by less than one percentage point in the 12th district. balderson already declaring victory in the race last night but his opponent danny o'connor has not conceded. both of them last night. >> i'm going to promise to you that i'm going to work relentlessly, relentlessly for this 12th congressional district. america is on the right path. and we are going to keep it going that way. >> we are fighting for a better america. we went door to door. we went house to house. we made our case for change. we are going to make that case tomorrow. we are not stopping now. >> harris: president trump already tweeting his congratulations saying, "when i decided to go to ohio for troy balderson, he was down in early voting 64-36. that was not good. after my speech on saturday night there was a big turn for
9:26 am
the better. now troy wins a great victory during a very tough time of the year for voting. he will win in november." meanwhile, another dead heat. this is in kansas. republican primary for governor. secretary of state kris kobach who president trump endorsed now with a razor-thin lead over the incumbent cover jeff colyer. republicans calling on them to unite no matter who wins. watch it. >> this has been a tough scrimmage between the two sides. really, between the five sides. i want everyone to join together regardless. stand for the principles we all believe in and come together to advance republican principles against the democrat and the independent in november. >> harris: a lot of breaking news this hour so fast. i want to get to everybody. so let's have a quick lightning round. morgan? >> morgan: i think what is fascinating about last night and in general is president trump again doing something completely unorthodox. which he is endorsing in primaries. typically sitting presidents
9:27 am
don't do it. i think this president has shown he is going to remake the party in his image. he has 85-90% of the report support. he is weighing in, the primary and races around the country, he is doing it to make the point this is my party and the candidates that go forward in november will reflect me. >> harris: jessica, interesting to watch last night. the leads dissolved. it looked like the democrats would start to do better and then they didn't. >> jessica: i felt good at 8:10 and then i felt less good. by 9:00 rolled around. yes! there was a lot of people listening to the cable news last night about the race and the moral victory for the democrats. it's a republican seat. ruby red. moral victories are not as real victories but they will rematch in november. what happened in michigan was fascinating. a lot of the bernie contingent against the main stream dem
9:28 am
contingent and they swept through heartland in michigan and kansas. moderate democrats did. that is something to be following as this kind of progressive versus the main stream of the wing tension heats up. >> harris: real quickly, facts to set you up josh, in ohio. there were 1,754 votes between the democrat and the republican in ohio. there are some provisional ballots to count. not likely that it would tip it but it could put it in the .5% difference zone for a recount. you have been down this road getting ready flip a house. 2014. talk to me. >> josh: well, look. this is an important election for momentum purposes. again, you are 90 days away from the election. the reality is that the congressman elected will serve effectively for 45 days. so in terms of not is i, it doesn't make a lot of -- in terms of the policy out doesn't make a lot of difference other than perception for the midterp.
9:29 am
republicans held this for a long time. >> harris: three decades. >> josh: democrats say we are looking at indicative of the wave coming. three things the republicans had in this district that made unique vulnerability. a lot of suburban voters. republicans have a problem with the suburban voters. two, democrat enthusiasm. three is the vacancy. all vacancies are difficult to defend. this district had all three. i'm not surprised it was close. i think republicans did a good job to get through it. >> harris: they had one fourth thing. president trump. >> melissa: we saw engagement on all sides. that is exciting to see. you can look at it like we are a country divided and we are at each other's throats or look at it like a country that engaged and thinking about the politics, getting involved and that is backing candidates they favor. i will choose to be positive about this. [laughter] i'm sick of the fighting. >> harris: i love it. i said just go vote.
9:30 am
we have fought in this country and done so much to get to the polls. show the rest of the world how we do it. democracy. >> josh: absolutely. >> harris: another explosive day in the paul manafort trial. after bombshell testimony from the top aide rick gates, manafort attorneys hammering his credibility on the cross examination. do the jurors believe him? stay close. diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? ♪ ozempic®! ♪ ozempic® should not be the first medicine for treating diabetes, or for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis.
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>> harris: former top aide to paul manafort rick gates is wrapping up his testimony after taking the stand for day number three. in the fraud trial of his former boss. gates told the courtroom he has "no doubt" the government would rip up his plea agreement if he doesn't tell the truth. after bombshell testimony from gates yesterday where he revealed he helped paul manafort evade taxes and land loans from banks by doctoring records and that he embezzled $3 million from manafort. wow, he stole from his, too. the defense team hammered away at his credibility and
9:35 am
repeatedly bringing up exextramarital relationship. there was only one? it had something for everybody. you talk about the credibility. criminals rattling on criminals is something that the jurors typically believe. >> josh: no honor amongst thieves. >> melissa: apparently. >> not at all. >> josh: that is what we are learning here. this is about as bad as it gets. >> harris: for them, judge said nothing about the former campaign chairman of trump can enter the trial. i have had experts tell me including judge napolitano, it shouldn't because they don't have anything to do with each other. >> josh: right. from the perspective of trump and the russia investigation this trial is good news. what we have seen is the people closest to him with the campaign who had the russia connections are the ones who the f.b.i. spent the last year and a half going through the underwear drawer to find every
9:36 am
single thing about it. they brought zero charges related to russia. a whole host of charges related to things they did before they ever met president trump. so if i am in the trump defense camp i look at this like well, i mean, if this is what mueller has how are we still talking about this? >> morgan: to me what is interesting about learning about manafort's lavish lifestyle and getting in debt and having to lie, cheat and steal, this is like russian espionage 101. they saw him and they are like this is who we are going for. he is in debt. he has to keep up things around washington and money around the world. so an intelligence target no surprise reading this and hearing the trial why the russians honed him on him. >> harris: it's interesting. you talk about the president looking for loyalty. look at the person close to him on the campaign. that person couldn't have been more of a friend and said you know you need me but there is
9:37 am
all this stuff going on with the investigation. i realize it's up to the f.b.i. to stand up and there that thing but i think it's interesting that he didn't do that for a friend. >> jessica: there are a lot of confusing things about the character of people closely involved with the trump campaign at some point. you are right. at this moment this is not about what went on there. i know questions have been raised to paul manafort worked for free for president trump to handle the brokered convention. i have seen issues what he went on to do and whether he made connections during that, that led to business deals he would not have had otherwise >> melissa: why else would you do it for free? >> jessica: but whether that with the russians and whether it related back to information relating to the colt lution narrative -- collusion narrative there. >> melissa: we would have heard about that by now. >> jessica: that is what they are looking at as this keeps going, what happened with manafort and after. >> harris: that is the pressure point they are hoping to squeeze paul manafort with. >> jessica: right. >> harris: i counted seven or so like "if" and
9:38 am
proclamation of "what if" are. >> jessica: facts are about rick gates who needs to safe himself. >> melissa: as they out all stuff that has gone on over time i hear back to peter strozk's own statement when he said any candidate who had this kind of a thing going on in their campaign would want to know. my response at that time and he was being questioned by a democrat in front of congress, they didn't ask the obvious question, why didn't you tell him? this is all going on. why did no one go in and say to the campaign do you know that this is who these people are that you are doing business with? i guess they were hoping against hope that there was some connection there, they haven't shown. i mean he said any candidate would want to know. so tell them. >> harris: that is what i said. >> melissa: why didn't they tell hem? >> harris: it would be in
9:39 am
the role of the f.b.i. standing up and do this. >> the f.b.i. failed hillary clinton and donald trump's campaign in a number of ways. we discussed that a number of times. if you are running a legitimate campaign and we got this before and we were joking you can google manafortman and you will find out everything you need to know and why you shouldn't hire him. >> melissa: not that stuff. >> harris: this is insidious you had to have one rat on the other. we have to move on. progressive democrats' efforts to move the party left. back to you, jessica. failing in the michigan primary for governor despite backing from liberals like bernie sanders and up-and-comer in new york, alexandria ocasio-cortez. the up-start progressive candidate was soundly defeated by an establishment-backed candidate. can democrats mend the divide? do they need to try?
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>> melissa: fox news alert. progressive democrat push to move the party to the left dealt a major blow last night. in michigan's democratic primary race for governor, upstart progressive was soundly defeated by the establishment back former lawmaker. this despite the numerous public endorsements and them call pain appearances from the liberal fire brands like bernie sanders and the new york congressional candidate alexandria ocasio-cortez. i'll start with you. what did you think of this? >> jessica: it was interesting to see it unfold. it was where a lot of us who occupy the center of the party thought that things were going. and we are up against a narrative about the strength of the dem socialists wing of the party that is inaccurate. the you look at michigan and what happened in kansas, all of the bernie-backed candidates went down and in michigan went down by 20 points. it was closer in kansas. they had five people on the ballot there. it's a very dangerous thing going on.
9:45 am
we got split in 2016 when hillary resoundly won 4 million votes in the primary there. but we can lose seats we should pick up. the political report says there are 60 seats up for grabs right now. if we have dem-on-dem hate crimes how could lose a few we could take on. in the messaging, we have candidates but if there are progressive on tv saying the democrat and republican are the same like hillary clinton and donald trump you could end up with trump all over the place. >> melissa: so the flip side of that, look another alexandria ocasio-cortez who says look at new jersey, menendez was given a real run for his money by someone with no money. and basically had no power. you know, she made a lot of headway. >> josh: yeah. jessica is right that the democrats dodged a real bullet last night. i think they are dangerously close to being defined by this more radical wing in the democratic party.
9:46 am
you see liberal items like dianne feinstein in california who fail to even get the nomination of her party. this is somebody who has basically been the end all, be all in liberal governance in the last 30 years for democrats. now she is not liberal enough. they did dodge a bullet. but i don't think this is universal. this is a problem, all the energy of the democratic party in the socialist, anti-i.c.e., impeach the president, more obamacare wing and if they keep that up they are never going to win the midwest. >> how did the main stream democrats win if all enthusiasm is with the progressives? >> josh: this is a constant battle. we fought this with the republicans, we saw in '10, '12, '14 the candidates emerge that couldn't win general elections. >> jessica: right. >> josh: we won some and we lost some. ultimately the republican party put it behind them and were able to relecht more
9:47 am
general election friendly candidates but i think democrats are at the nascent stage of this. they are at the beginning and we will see it in the presidential campaign. i'm afraid what you look at is a race to the left we have never seen before. >> morgan: i think you are right. we could have 20 people running for the democratic nomination. what is important in michigan not just having bernie and alexandria ocasio-cortez endorse him. linda, the bigot, racist and the anti- semite endorsed the andca date and he bragged about it. he bragged about having her endorsement. if the democrat party is heading to emboll lish i.c.e. -- abolish i.c.e. and embrace soccerlism it's dangerous for america not just the democratic party. >> jessica: and i agree and this loops to a conversation about louis farrakhan and the founder of the women's march which is not our position.
9:48 am
that is a far left position that the democratic party won't take. >> josh: you don't want to take it. you almost dominated to be the d.n.c. chair -- >> jessica: we didn't almost. that was tom perez. >> melissa: new developments when it comes to james comey and the justice department. what a judge ordered done with the f.b.i. chief private e-mail and what it means going forward. do you need the most trusted battery in your wireless mouse? maybe not. no... maybe you could trust that during your fantasy draft, no, no. the computer won't auto-draft a kicker, in the 7th round. maybe you can trust you won't be kept at night because you auto-drafted a kicker, in the 7th round. (woman laughing) maybe you could trust that for the next 16 weeks you won't think about auto-drafting a kicker, in the 7th round. or... could just trust duracell. (duracell mnemonic)
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>> jessica: former f.b.i. director james comey back in the headlines. a federal judge ordering the justice department to preserve e-mail on his personal account. after a government watchdog revealed he used it to conduct official business. the order handed down this week comes in response to a request from judicial watch asking for records to be preserved for use in the possible freedom of information act request. they have records of the meeting between comey and top democrats including barack obama. the judge in the ruling writing, "although it contends that such an order is unnecessary, the d.o.j. has not explained why the preservation order would prejudice defendant or cause undue burden." the d.o.j. has until end the of december to finish the review of the e-mail. so i'll kick it to you, josh
9:53 am
but i still can't believe the man was using a private e-mail account. >> josh: all of a sudden it makes so much more sense he had no problem with hillary's i mail server -- hillary clinton's private e-mail server. he has his own stuff going on. more you find out, both sides are disturbed. >> jessica: nice to be unified. >> josh: it's astounding. >> melissa: the more we unwrap and take the onions off -- layer off the onion it's pungent. >> jessica: sometimes we all still cry. >> melissa: yeah. it's astonishing that it continues and it does cast things you have seen in the past in a different light. you want to say all right. let's all review together for class the rules going forward. >> jessica: we have heard from paul ryan and trey gowdy they don't feel like the d.o.j. is slowwalking documents anymore.
9:54 am
now we have a new crop of documents they want. do you think they will meet the september deadline or will we be saying you just saw comey e-mails? >> morgan: first, thank god for judicial watch. there is so much that judicial watch has done in this process that would not have came to light if it wasn't for them. including this round, right? it's known perhaps to congress but it's not known to us. we wouldn't be talking about it on the couch today. do i think the d.o.j. would slow walk it? i'm sure they would like to. if it comes out, we are getting close to the election. are people going to try to use it for the political means? i think you hit the nail on the head. when it comes to the f.b.i. and what i have been saying most someone who works with the people in the f.b.i., the american people need to trust the institution. they need to trust there is no politics involved and everything that is happening came out over the past two years stinks. i think that we -- you couldn't have said it better. we owe it to the american
9:55 am
people to review the roles to get this all out in open and have a cleansing from the f.b.i. leadership because it is not appropriate what is going on for the two years. >> harris: now we see why. and you and i have talked about it off-camera, why hillary clinton would have fired him immediately and the president should have fired him immediately as well. they are there in terms of what he was collecting and who he would leak it to. it feels like we should talk about somebody other than the f.b.i. director formerly. >> josh: hardly elliott ne ises character. >> jessica: his twitter account is a reminder of the hubris of what is going on. >> harris: did you say hardly elliott ness? i'd say more like a lock -- loch ness to get people to trust the agency. >> jessica: do you think christopher wray has opportunity to right the ship?
9:56 am
i'm impressed with his testimony. >> josh: the f.b.i., the d.o.j. and everybody will be in a better spot when the investigation is wrapped. >> jessica: it could take a while. >> melissa: well said. we will leave it on that note. more "outnumbered" in a moment.
9:57 am
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>> we want to thank josh holmes for being on the couch with us here today. we had that press conference at the beginning so not everybody got their time. you guys are good sports. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> sandra: nice on insider trading. >> jesse: i actually needed that for whatever is to come
10:00 am
for the rest of the day. >> sandra: watch it and see the whole thing. a lot to discuss in this hour and certainly a lot coming up in the next. we are back here at noon eastern. but now here is harris. >> harris: and we begin with breaking news. president trump's legal team has now responded in just the last few seconds to robert mueller's latest offer for a presidential interview. this is outnumbered overtime. i'm harris faulkner. now to the breaking news. the president's attorneys releasing a statement saying they have sent a letter now to the special counsel regarding its request to sit down with president trump in its russia investigation. meanwhile, rudy giuliani is once again calling on mueller to wrap it up, this investigation. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live with the latest on this. so, break it down. we knew that there was something coming today. what is it? >> harris, good afternoon to you. just as you were introducing me there, i was finishing up a phone call with rudy giuliani who told me that he


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